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Gazette Journalists Outdistance in PIA 2019

By Dave John Arnaiz

October17, 2019

The business gazette staff awarded to be the most promising and promising writers during the 2019 Philippine Information Agency-PIA Regional Office-6, Campus Journalisms Seminar-Workshop, Tertiary Level-Batch 2 held at Diamond Jubilee Hall, Iloilo Cit, October 15-17. Strived under pressure in writing the best article just to bag an award and enduring the long tiring yet challenging workshop, kicked them up to the next level as winners.

Leaving the area with a bundle of knowledge worth substantial to the publication, as this proved that the writers of business gazette are competitive beyond excellent. All in all, the publication staff are moving forward to the next level of competition.

WIN by PRIDE, WRITE with SENSE, Arnaiz Blast off the Opponents

By Ma. Eica Cabalcar

October 16, 2019

ARNAIZ the Business Gazette Editor-in-Chief turned it's best in writing during 2019 PIA Journalism Seminar and Workshop, despite of the fact that he was being bind by the opponents innate skills in writing, still he awesomely do his immense prowess and skills in writing that made him won as most promising writer in feature english.

Arnaiz really put their publication on top as he being awarded and putting them all made him to be the winner. He is currently a second year student taking BSOAd course at UA- Main Campus ,Sibalom, Antique. He appointed as EIC when he was in first year college.He still made it on top.

About our Publication

The Business Gazette Publication is the official publication of College and Business and Accountancy, continuing it's quest to become the center of the best paper with a best writers. With their adviser Mr. Ferdinand Mark P. Melo IV and Dean Ms. Catherine C. Viesca CPA, MBA.

We as the pillars of this publication are wiling and wanted to encourage those unknown writers who really good and having an innate writing skills to be one of our family, for we are still searching for them to help us transform the Publication. With this we wholeheartedly encourage you to be with us especially those who are good in cartooning and expert in capturing angles, for the publication body is open as always as it is.

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